An unlikely story leads Woodworking Network traffic in July
July 29, 2021 | 12:27 pm CDT
Boxabl's houses are shipped flatpack and can be set up in a single day.

Lumber prices once again took a top spot, but this time fell to Elon Musk.

An unlikely story dominated traffic this month: A video tour of Elon Musk’s new $50,000 prefabricated Texas home. The house, from Las Vegas-based Boxabl, is only 375 square feet. Boxabl's houses are shipped flatpack and are unfolded on-site in a single day. The company showed off the house in a quick video tour. Check it out online.


Next up was back to the usual. Lumber prices once again claimed a top spot – but this time it was about them falling. Softwood lumber prices fell below $1,000 per thousand board feet for the first time since March – a more than 40 percent decline since May’s record high. But despite the fall, prices are still up historically, and they’re expected to remain elevated for the foreseeable future.

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And finally, news about Oregon wildfires made waves. In late June, firefighters began to contain two wildfires that set ablaze nearly 10,000 acres of forest in the Northeast part of the state. Another fire then ignited in the state’s center, burning nearly 6,700 acres. Unusually high temperatures, dry air, and high winds fueled the fires.

The top 10 stories of the month:

Check out Elon Musk’s $50,000 prefabricated Texas house

Lumber prices plunge 40 percent since May’s record high

Nearly 17,000 acres of forest burn in Oregon

Custom millwork firm appeals $8,900 fine given for “willful” COVID violation

World’s tallest timber tower begins overtaking nearby buildings

World’s first wooden satellite passes test flight

MJB Wood to build 500,000-sq-ft facility in Indiana after ‘tremendous’ growth

New evidence shows 17th-century luthiers chemically altered spruced used in violins

Exorcism in the lumber aisle – police remove disorderly couple from Home Depot

$440 million OSB plant coming to Minnesota

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