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Compounding advantages in labor savings

Companies that are pulling away from the pack are using the technology to re-allocate labor, because nobody likes to fire employees. There are some things that machines and algorithms just can’t do, and humans should stick to those things!

The simple secret that changed my company, forever

We've been taught that woodworking companies have their typical location, products, services, way of talking to the world, and so on. But you get paid more when you're an outlier; commoditization is what happens when everyone in an industry pretty much does/sells/has the same thing.

How to eliminate reworks

Defective products end up being shipped for two reasons: Employees don't know it is a bad product, of they felt pressure to move on. What should you do about it?

Theory of Constraints for Dummies

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a business theory introduced by Wolfgang Mewes (a German business economist), which was then further proliferated in the United States by Eliyahu M. Goldratt in his book The Goal, (a cult classic). In order to optimize profits at your shop, you need to understand this theory.

Three Ways You Can Increase Inbound Sales

Mass emailing, cold calling, and visits are all versions of outbound sales that are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Compare those to inbound sales - the process of allowing customers to come to you, and you’ll see a vastly improved way of acquiring new customers.

Continuous Improvement